Board of Directors

AdvocateWeb is a nonprofit organization providing information and resources to promote awareness and understanding of the issues involved in the exploitation of persons by trusted helping professionals.

Stanley J. Spero, President/CEO/Director (Term 2007 to present)

Stan picA dedicated trial attorney with over twenty-five years of diverse litigation and legal experience litigating all aspects of complex medical and psychological malpractice cases across the United States involving doctors, clinics, hospitals, nurses, psychologists, social workers, drug and alcohol abuse counselors, managed care providers and clergy abuse case. Stanley J. Spero established a new exception to the statute of limitations which has been used extensively in sexual abuse, incest and malpractice cases. He has participated as a “trial judge” and advisor in Harvard Law School’s Trial Advocacy Program, as well as lectured for Massachusetts Continuing Education regarding proof of damages in tort actions. Learn more about the firm here:

Cindy Boling, Director (Term: 2004 to present)


Cindy was a member of the teaching faculty of Professional Boundaries, Inc from 2004 – 2009 and presented the victim impact module giving victims a voice to offending professionals in the PBI Professional Boundaries Course. Cindy was the Professional Boundaries, Inc. Director of Program Administration from 2010 – 2014, and is now Director of Marketing wherein she is national liaison to regulatory and licensing agencies, Physician Health Programs, and healthcare Federations.

Cindy has been an outstanding supporter of AdvocateWeb and victim advocate. As a survivor of exploitation by a physician, Cindy has found this horrific experience has given her a deep sense of purpose, and she is now making a tremendous positive difference in the lives of countless other victims. Cindy has over twenty five years of experience as an investigative paralegal, and brings to AdvocateWeb many wonderful gifts in being a persistent, motivated, creative, innovative, compassionate, and resourceful leader. Pursuing greater public awareness and empowering victims through education is a passion of Cindy’s. At the request of the Texas State Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners, Cindy advised on the strengthening of rules governing sexual misconduct by their licensees, as well as act as advocate for all sexual misconduct complainants. She has tirelessly advocated for more awareness of victims’ concerns, and has been a consistent advocate for greater patient safety. Cindy is a member of the faculty of Professional Boundaries, Inc. and presents the victim impact module giving victims a voice to offending professionals at conferences held in Atlanta, Georgia, Newport Beach, San Francisco, and Sacramento, California 8 times a year.

Jerry Lozano, Secretary/Treasurer (Term: 1998 to present)

Jerry Lozano

Jerry Lozano has supported AdvocateWeb since its inception in 1998 and has graciously acted in the capacity of Secretary/Treasurer. Jerry facilitates board meetings and prepares the minutes. Jerry maintains the organization’s financials and tax filings to insure compliance of 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

Jon Porter, J.D. (Term: 2004 to present)


Jon Porter is a partner of the law firm McDonald, Mackay & Weitz, LLP, Austin, Texas. Licensed since 1999, Jon Porter has worked as an attorney in both the public and private sectors.  He worked as an appellate attorney for a large Houston-based law firm, writing briefs for various courts including the U.S. Supreme Court and the Texas Supreme Court. In the public sector, Mr. Porter was a legislative aide for Texas Representative Senforia Thompson. He was a licensure investigator for the Texas Medical Board for several years before attending law school. Mr. Porter returned to the Texas Medical Board as a prosecuting attorney and later became the Director of Enforcement and Compliance.

Mr. Porter joined as a partner of the law firm of McDonald, Mackay & Weitz, LLP in 2003. His current practice focuses primarily on physician licensure defense, health law, general administrative law, and professional licensing for health care providers. He frequently works with health care professionals who are experiencing chemical or mental impairment, standard of care issues, licensure matters and boundary issues. Mr. Porter is frequently called on for speaking on topics of medical regulation and medical-ethical issues.

 S. Michael Plaut, Ph.D. (Term: 2004 to present)

S. Michael Plaut, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and the Assistant Dean for Student and Minority Affairs at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. Dr. Plaut is also the Editor of the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy (1996-2001) and is the Former Chair of the Maryland Task Force to Study Health Professional-Client Sexual Exploitation.

AdvocateWeb Founder

Kevin Gourley


Kevin Gourley, a prior Board member, has over two decades of experience in software industry and has been involved in the development of the Internet since its inception. He has many years experience working with nonprofit organizations and community service groups. His love of people and passion for serving the community, combined with his broad experience in Internet technologies, has led him to be an “evangelist” in promoting the use of the Internet in building online communities and in advancing community service initiatives through the use of new technologies. Having personally witnessed the impact of professional sexual exploitation on someone very close, and being moved by the stories of many other survivors, Kevin created AdvocateWeb in 1998. He has devoted much time and effort in networking with leading experts and advocates regarding the topic of professional sexual abuse, and has diligently worked to build this thriving online support community at AdvocateWeb for victims and professionals, while also successfully pursuing tougher laws and policies to deter this abuse. He also works with numerous other consumer advocacy groups and non-profit organizations across the world to assist in this goal. Kevin also operates a web development consulting business and is an accomplished photographer.

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