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We truly cannot exist without your help. That is why we are making this appeal for your support!

There is no greater expression of support of the mission, message, and services of AdvocateWeb, than that made as unrestricted annual gifts. This loyalty finds expression in a variety of ways, public education, more community and professional awareness about these abuse issues, a lifeline of support to victims and their families, and greater communication and collaborative efforts among victim advocates and professionals. Unrestricted gifts help AdvocateWeb provide much-needed services to many, while meeting emerging needs and opportunities.

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How important is it that I support AdvocateWeb?

The letters we receive from survivors all over the world are the best statements of how important it is to support AdvocateWeb:

  • “I visit your site regularly, recovering from therapist abuse. I do not like to think of myself as a victim. I am a survivor. And I am more grateful than you can imagine that this site is available. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much….I was alone with this for 12 years until I found your site last fall. You cannot imagine how helpful it has been, to know I am not ‘the only one’. Jeez, what a relief!”
  • “AdvocateWeb has literally saved my life…”
  • “Without AdvocateWeb, I doubt that my marriage and my family would have survived.”
  • “I felt so isolated before I found AdvocateWeb.”
  • “AdvocateWeb has been a lifeline for me and my husband.”
  • “I thank God I found AdvocateWeb. The support I have found here has made all the difference in the world.”
  • “The AdvocateWeb support group in which I participate has actually helped me more than my weekly counseling.”
  • “AdvocateWeb is the first and most thorough website of its kind.”
  • “[AdvocateWeb’s resources] … give us all the needed energy and impetus to work together for constructive change.”
  • “An incomparable resource…”
  • “Incredible!”
  • “Three Star Rating…”

Fact 1: When you support AdvocateWeb, you are helping people all over the world at a time when they need help the most.

Fact 2: Without your support, we cannot exist.

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Why does my support matter?

“AdvocateWeb has existed for 4 years without my support. Why should I pledge to annually support it now? Won’t AdvocateWeb continue to exist without my help?” The answer is actually NO.

We urge you to make a pledge to give annually to AdvocateWeb right now. We cannot emphasize enough, just how much we need your support right now. We are at a critical juncture where we must make this appeal to all of our supporters. If you see the benefit of how AdvocateWeb is helping others, or if AdvocateWeb has helped you, please join us in this endeavor to continue helping so many across the world.

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Matching Funds

Many companies match their employees’ gifts to non-profits. Please check with your human resources department. Your extra effort may double the value of your support to AdvocateWeb.

Major Gifts

You may have the ability to provide major support which can impact the lives of many through a generous contribution. A variety of options are available for major gifts. You may wish to fulfill a pledge over time or offer a gift of appreciated securities. Stock gifts offer a charitable deduction at the security’s full market value without capital gains taxes. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss named gift opportunities for major gifts.

Also, if you receive a monetary award through a lawsuit or settlement, you might wish to donate some portion to help other victims, or make it a condition of the settlement to request some amount be contributed to AdvocateWeb.

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Planned Giving

Through planned giving, donors can make a significant contribution to AdvocateWeb while seeing to their own economic security and that of their loved ones. There are a variety of plans that allow donors to receive income for life or other period of time, while minimizing income, estate, and gift tax liabilities. You may choose to make a bequest in your will, name AdvocateWeb as a beneficiary of a savings account, life insurance policy, or retirement plan, or establish a gift annuity or trust to benefit AdvocateWeb’s work. Please let us know if you have included AdvocateWeb in your will so we can acknowledge your generosity.

Other Supporters?

Are you aware of any other organizations (professional organizations, associations, churches, etc.) or professionals (doctors, counselors, therapists, coaches, clergy, teachers, coaches, lawyers, etc.) whom you think might be willing to become an AdvocateWeb supporter? If so, please email us their full accurate contact information (name, full mailing address, phone #, email address, website) and we’ll contact them! We need to expand our level of support as quickly as possible.

Book Purchases

Another way you can help support AdvocateWeb is through book purchases via We receive a small referral fee for all of your book purchases you make through Amazon, when you follow this link to go to their web site. We receive a referral fee for all books you purchase this way, not just for the books listed on our site, so buy all of your books this way!

Also, an easy way to remember to go to and know that AdvocateWeb receives this credit is to go to: AmazonSmile

(Of course, book purchases are not tax-deductible.)

(If you go to directly, we won’t receive this credit, so make sure you go through OUR link to Amazon by clicking on the icon below.)


Thank you for your support,

Founder, AdvocateWeb

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