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If you are a professional who sees the benefit in discussing various topics with other professionals, AdvocateWeb has created an email discussion group setting for subscribers only.  This will be a closed site not open to the public.

How to Become a Member of this List

You must contact the AdvocateWeb administrator at in order to be given access.

What is this list?

Confer is a private email discussion list for advocates devoted to reducing sexual exploitation of clients by professionals, educating the public about this form of abuse, and helping victims.

You DO NOT have permission to openly share the list of email addresses with others. The purpose for making the listing of participants available is so that YOU can be sure of exactly who you are talking to. The list administrator reserves the right to remove anyone from this list at any time.


 Any messages received on this list may not be shared or forwarded to anyone outside the list without the express permission of the sender of the message. In other words, information shared here is considered confidential unless stated otherwise.

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